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funnel secrets review

Product Name: Funnel Secrets

Product Description: Sales funnel training course

Price: $27

Availability: OnlineOnly



+Proven strategies and methods for creating 3x profit
+No technical skills or experience required
+Way to get long-term customers
+Low price

+Most of case studies are from JVZoo network



What is Funnel Secrets?

Funnel Secrets is a training course that show you how to create a super effective sales funnel. For those who do not know what exactly a sales funnel is, well, in short it is a process that vendors/ sellers lead their customers through when purchasing a product. We both know that every sale starts with a big number of potential customers and usually ends with a smaller number of people who actually buy the product. In order to increase the conversion rate or the number of real customers, a well-designed sales funnel is necessary. One simple method we often see is that a vendor offer many bonuses along with his product to attract customers. The customer may not interested in the main product, but good bonuses get his attention. Bingo! you get your product sold. Of course, this is just a small example. Well-built sales funnel requires a lot of researching and analyzing customer’s behavior and interest. And that is the reason Funnel Secrets is created. Let’s explore this training course with my Funnel Secrets Review.

About the author

funnel secrets review


Sam Bakker is one the top sellers on Jvzoo network. He has been a full time online marketer for over 5 years. By creating Funnel Secrets, Sam would like to share his valuable experience that helps him earn over $5,000,000 in the last 2 years.



Funnel Secrets contains about 6 hours of video training with PDF transcriptions, Case Studies, Best Practices, Guides, Templates, Resources & Tools. Inside this training course, you will find every knowledge and techniques that help you build an super effective sales funnel.

Video Modules

24 video training modules are available. They all come with PDFs transcript so if you have difficulty in listening to the videos then just read the transcripts which is very comprehensive.

funnel secrets transcript

Case Studies

As I mentioned earlier, Funnel Secrets is based on real experience from Sam. Therefore in this training course, you will learn from what he actually did to earn lots of money. Here are a few examples of how a well-built sales funnel benefit Sam in the past.

revamply sam bakker

Revamply is a software Sam launched in July, 2016.
The front-end product was priced at $197 … and here’s how the funnel performed:

revamp sales funnel

jvzoo academy

JVZoo Academy is a training product released as a “beta launch” in May, 2017.
The front-end was priced at $17 … here’s how the funnel performed:

jvzoo sales funnel

Funnel Templates

The training course provide sales funnel templates so you don’t have to waste your time researching  and creating your own funnel. All you need is to follow the guideline to have an amazing sales funnel. The process of creating a sales funnel is broken down step by step along with useful tips and tricks as shown in the picture below.

Funnel secrets review guide

Private JVZoo Academy Group

Jvzoo academy group

Joining this course give you the access to JVZoo Academy Group which is a network of fellow marketers and experts, you can learn and get help from experienced marketers when building your sales funnel. And you are always updated with latest funnel conversion methods.

Who should join Funnel Secrets?

Marketers who have just started their businesses are recommended to participate in this training course. It will definitely save your time since all necessary steps for a sales funnel are well-prepared for you. Just follow the guide and money will flow into your pocket.

Moreover, if you are already experience in creating sales funnel then, Funnel Secrets is the perfect “Checklist” to be sure you’ll use and set up every element in your funnel the proper way.


Funnel Secrets is built based on what Sam has experienced with JVZoo platform. Therefore it has been optimized for those marketing on JVZoo. I wish that he could add some case studies for other network such as  ClickBank and Warrior Plus so that marketers can easily apply what they have learned from the course to other networks than JVZoo. But don’t worry, funnel strategy and principle is universal and the sales process is almost the same on any platform. Therefore you just need to understand the method that Funnel Secrets offers and you can master in creating excellent sales funnel on any network.

Pricing Plan

The main product Funnel Secrets costs $27.

The first upsell is Funnel Secrets ‘Fast Track’ MasterClass ($67.00). This is an upgrade of Funnels Secrets providing additional sales page and design templates.

The second upsell is Funnel Secrets LIVE ($97.00). You will get a 6 weeks of live coaching where Sam and his team show you exactly how to create optimized Sales Funnels for your offers with real life examples. In addition, you can ask questions and get answers during the webinars. As part of this offer, you can become a member of the Inner Circle’ JVZoo Academy Mastermind Facebook Group.

The final upsell is JVZoo Academy Mastery & JVZoo Builder Software ($197.00). This is an all-in-one software platform that helps you EFFORTLESSLY create:

  • Lead generation pages
  • Product review pages that increase sales
  • Bonus pages that drive more affiliate commissions
  • COMPLETE sales funnels for evergreen profits
  • Webinar registration pages, JV pages, and much much more!


To sum up my Funnel Secrets review, this is a great course to learn all techniques from basic to advance of how to properly set up and manage sales funnels on the JVZoo platform. Well, actually it’s not only JVZoo but any marketing network. The course are built based on Sam Bakker ‘s years of experience with online marketing. Hence, the method provided in the course is proven and trustworthy. So don’t hesitate if you want to triple your profit right now. Give Funnel Secrets a try! Remember to grab your SPECIAL BONUS from us when joining this amazing course.

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