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Video SEO Software

Product Name: Video Marketing Blaster by Vlad M. and Stoica

Product Description: A cheap yet excellent alternative solution for boosting your YouTube video rank

Price: 64$

Availability: OnlineOnly



+ Automatically generate SEO optimized info (title, description, tags, etc.) for your video
+ Backlinks analysis and backlinks placement suggestion
+ Low price
+ 30 day money back guarantee

+ No auto-translate video info into other languages
+ Windows only

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Getting your videos on top of YouTube search is not an easy task. It takes you a lot of time and effort diving into researching keywords, tracking your rank as well as spying on your competitor. Many software, tools have been developed in order to help us do the work more effectively. I can name some of famous software that are available on the market such as TubeBuddy and vidIQ. They provides a lot of useful features to boost your video rank on YouTube. And since they are powerful, the price that you have to pay is not cheap. The pricing plan for all features accessible is about 39$/month per channel. If you are a newbie and starting to build your own channel then it would be difficult for investing such money. Don’t worry, I will show you an alternative solution which is Video Marketing Blaster. This software offers a decent amount of features with an astonishing price: 64$ for one time payment and free updates!


1. Video Marketing Blaster Features

Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) contains 4 amazing modules that guarantee all of your researching, tracking, spying work are automated.

Module 1: Keyword Finder

Google search engine indexes and returns results to the user queries from its latent semantic index. What does this means? YouTube aware that “learn soccer” and “soccer lesson” are the same thing. It is somehow capable of understanding the user queries like we humans do. This is very important that your videos need to have good semantic keywords besides the main keywords. VMB implements it’s own Lexical Semantic Engine in order to find semantic keywords. It can give up too 500% more keyword suggestion compared to other tools on the market. And from that you can:

♦ Uncover keyword phrases that you absolutely have no idea that people actually search for

♦ Find untapped keywords that allow you to rank quickly and easily

Module 2: Generate Video Details

This is a unique feature of VMB. It will generate video titles, descriptions and tags that are SEO optimized with just one click. You don’t have to waste time looking for keywords suggestion, appending them into a good phrases. With this module your description will not be stuffed with keywords, they will contain phrases with your target keywords inside.

Module 3: Analyze Competitors

VMB will analyze and spy on your competitors, giving you every bit of data about how difficult in ranking in a specified niche. It will take in consideration over 70 ranking factors, allowing you:

♦ Find out weak spots of your competitors videos

♦ Find out how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword

♦ Find out how many backlinks that you need to outrank your competitors as well as suggestion for backlinks placement

♦ Discover the exact signals that are profitable for you to get top rankings

♦ Get detail info about your competition (likes, subscribers, estimated view per days, etc.)

Module 4: Rank Tracker

VMB gives you the ability of tracking your own videos as well as your competitors videos. By simply giving VMB your video link and a target keyword, you will know the rank of your video on YouTube or Google.

Please take a look at the following video so you can understand clearly how these 4 modules work:

List of Video Marketing Blaster Features

♦ View popular searches in the past week for a specific country
♦ Keywords suggestion using VMB Lexical Semantic Engine
♦ Return partial match/exact keywords
♦ Get views/subscribers/comments suggestions to rank on 1st page
♦ Export keywords to CSV or HTML
♦ Analyze related videos, first page and trending videos while returning keywords
♦ View rank and YouTube search results of keywords
♦ Analyze competitor from first page of YouTube
♦ Automatically save all data so you can later view/analyze it
♦ View competitor partial match/exact match keywords
♦ Analyze number of views, comments and subscribers of competition
♦ View estimated views per day of competitors
♦ Generate SEO Optimized Video Details
♦ Get over 10 title suggestions/keyword
♦ Auto generate descriptions by scraping sentences from Google
♦ Auto generate keywords (tags)
♦ Generate video details from custom template
♦ Export video details to CSV/HTML
♦ Save report (video details, required views, subscribers) on the web and share it
♦ Manually or Automatically select sentences that will be used in description
♦ Trace your video rank
♦ View current YouTube rank and previous YouTube rank of your videos based on a keyword
♦ View current/previous Google rank based on a keyword
♦ View current views and previous views of your Videos
♦ Check if a YouTube video is on Google based on a keyword
♦ View statistics for your videos

2. Compared to Other YouTube Marketing Tools

I must say that what you get with Video Marketing Blaster Pro is great. With the unique feature of automatically generating SEO optimized video info, this software create a big challenge to other YouTube marketing software. However, I would like to point out what VMB is missing compared to its competitors so you can have a good view of the market. The first negative point is the lack of translating video Title, Description and Tags into other languages. Although you can use online translation to help you target other Non-English speaking countries, if the developers implement this function it would be excellent (TubeBuddy get this point). The second point is that VMB is compatible with Windows only, it does not support other OS (TubeBuddy and vidIQ on the other hand are Chrome plugins so they fits for MacOs and even Linux)

3. Conclusion

Overall, Video Marketing Blaster is an excellent choice if you are looking a solution that provides all of popular features and within your limited budget. So if this is what you are looking, don’t hesitate and pick it up right away. Just click the buy button below. In addition you will receive our SPECIAL BONUS when buy this cool software.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro


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