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WP Video Press Review
Video Press

Product Name: WP Video Press by Duncan MacGibbon

Product Description: WordPress Video Plugin

Price: 27$

Availability: OnlineOnly



+ Intuitive user interface
+ Provides a lot of useful features
+ Access to video frames library with 150+ options

+ Only YouTube videos allowed
+ Doesn't support video gallery creation

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1. About WP Video Press

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is the very famous English idiom, and it expresses the importance of visual content over text.  Therefore, it is recommended to build up your website with more pictures and videos in order to reach more audiences. Understanding the demand, Duncan MacGibbon has created the WP Video Press, the ultimate plug-in in WordPress which help you to deal with videos on your website.

Unlike other video plug-ins on the market, WP Video Press contains unique features that helps you to build a eye-catching website. As a result, you will have more traffic, more audience and earn more money. Moreover, it work wells with all WordPress themes, so your choice is limitless.


2. WP Video Press Interface and Features

After installation, WP Video Press will appears on your dashboard. The plug-in has an intuitive interface and you will get used to it very quick. Please take a look in the following video to have an overview of it.

As I mentions earlier in this post, this plug-in contains unique and interesting features that make your website stand out from your competitors. Let’s take a look at them.

2.1 Auto Full Screen

The first one is Auto Full Screen. This feature helps you to set the video in full screen mode for a specific period of time when it is playing. For example (see below): first, you choose the Full Screen Video mode in Video Feature, then you can set the starting time at 5 second and the ending at 15 second. After the video plays for 5 second, it will be automatically set to full mode and then minimizes again after 15 second.


Here is the demo video for this feature:

 2.2 Resize Video with Contents and Lock Content in Shortcode

The next two powerful features are Resize Video with Contents and Lock Content in Shortcode. With this feature, the contents you want to show readers (e.g. post, advertising, affiliate link, etc.) will appear at a chosen period when the video is playing. Particularly, it work wells with all HTML code and you can freely chose where to put your content (top, bottom, left or right with Resize Video with Contents) as well as the starting and ending times.

You can have better idea how Resize Video with Contents works with the video below

2.3 Show Thumbnail on Scroll

What if your readers scroll down to read the below content in your website and you still want them to watch your videos? Show Thumbnail on Scroll is the excellent solution. The video will appear in 1 out of 4 positions (top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right) as your wish when readers  scroll down. This feature works like Facebook Video or Picture-in-Picture mode on iPad; and that makes you website very professional.

2.4 Dynamic Video Frame

Finally, you can make your videos to be more eye-catching with different video frames. For example:

Especially, after purchasing WP Video Press, you will get the access to the Mega Frame Bundles with more than 150 video frames.

3. Downside

There are 2 points that this plug-in is missing compared to other competitors (e.g. Workbox Video, WordPress Video Gallery)

♦ Only support YouTube platform (support for other platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion will be available in 2nd version in 2018)

♦ Video gallery creation (this is the feature I really love but the plug-in does not support)

4. Conclusion

As I mentioned above, WP Video Press is a very powerful video plug-in that you need for building an intuitive and professional website. It provides a lot more options for you to do affiliate marketing more efficiently with a reasonable price ($27). So don’t hesitate and give it a try. Remember that you will receive special bonus from us when purchasing this plug-in.

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